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Five years it has been a pleasure and truly a gift to be with you. The joyous moment you have been there and most importantly you have been my support through the tough times. Without you I do not know if I can be for we are one.



5 year anniversary quotes book

Several books celebrate wedding anniversaries and most importantly recognize and give 5 year anniversary quotes.

  1. The books are “Wedding Anniversaries from paper to diamond by Cookie Lee“, Cookie Lee takes you through the meaning and symbols of every anniversary celebration providing relevant quotations in poems and prose to enable one to better understand and relate to the anniversary.
  2. Another good book is “Our wedding Anniversary Journal A keepsake of Our Years Together by Catherine Osborne“, this book guides one on keeping records of all the years from the early years where the 5 year anniversary fall under through quotes, putting down events and accompanying them with pictures where necessary.
  3. Another book that creates a better understanding of the wedding anniversary is “Meaning of Wedding Anniversary by Ann Field and Gretchen Scoble “the book give a guide on the symbolic meaning of every anniversary celebration, accompanied by poems in relation to each anniversary and suggested gifts for each celebration.

5 year anniversary quotesAll the above books celebrate the five year anniversary and offer 5 year anniversary quotes, together with very insightful information on marriage in general.


5 year anniversary quotes online

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All these keywords take you to sites that make the anniversary special. The site recognizes that the five years has been a journey and also prepares you for the future expectations. The five year anniversary is special for in that time you come to experience a little of the joy and tough times in a marriage, it is in that time you learn the strength and weakness of your marriage and it is from those lesson that you build a lifelong solid foundation .

year anniversary quotes in general acknowledge the commitment of the union and gives provides some guidelines of what to expect in the long run. Five year anniversary is one step in a long journey.


Tips of 5 year anniversary quotes

It important that when celebrating the Fifth year anniversary choose quotes that you can relate with, also ensure that the quotes are positive, the quote should indicate celebration of the union and appreciation of the far you have come, most importantly the best 5 year anniversary quotes are the ones you come up with and can remember and ponder on in the future.

All quotes whether original or referenced should be special for it is a special moment in time that calls for a celebration.5 year anniversary quotes tips