How to celebrate your 5 year wedding anniversary


A 5 year wedding anniversary represents a great milestone in a married couple’s life. In as much as it is not considered as big a deal as the 25th or 50th anniversary, it is in fact a great deal to the couple in question.

Marriage counselors say that the first five years of any marriage are the most volatile and difficult for a couple and they determine the future success of the marriage. If you have crossed this landmark in your marriage, it is time to sit back and celebrate as a couple.


5 year wedding anniversary gifts for him, for her

There are four symbols that represent a 5 year wedding anniversary and you can center your gifts on these symbols.

These include wood, silver, turquoise and daisy.

For 5 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him try to stick to long lasting gifts.

  • Traditionally, 5 year wedding anniversary gifts are wooden. You can give a wooden clock, wooden sports equipment for his favorite game such as bats or golf clubs, wooden book rack or anything wooden that touches on his hobbies.
  • Modern 5 year anniversary gifts are made of silver and you can give things such as a silver set of knives.

For 5 year wedding anniversary gifts for her, you can give a wooden jewelry box, turquoise jewelry, kitchen silverware or a bouquet of flowers.


5 year wedding anniversary ideas

As regards how to celebrate your 5 year wedding anniversary, there are so many 5 year wedding anniversary ideas.

5 year wedding anniversary ideas

  1. If you love nature, you can have a romantic getaway in the woods and take time to connect with each other and with nature.
  2. In case you have a busy schedule, you can spare the evening for a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant.
  3. Alternatively, you can send the children over to a babysitter or to the grandparents and hire caterers to organize dinner for two from the comfort of your house.
  4. If you love wine, buy a corkscrew and open a bottle of wine together. You can also plant a tree such as a bonsai tree and watch it grow through the years as your marriage grows.


4 tips to make another feel special and romantic

Your 5 year wedding anniversary celebration should be centered on making each other feel special.

This should start with the little gestures that go a long way such as helping your wife around the house. For the wife, you can accompany your husband to his favorite game.

Another idea would be to have dinner at the restaurant where you first met or had a first date and remember how it felt like. You should also pay attention to each other and flirt with each other like old times. <– Good one ;)